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***This app is for professional use only, if you are not an eye care professional, please DO NOT install it.***- if you like, please vote the app and leave your comment!!- Version 2.1- "Distometer" is a part of "Contactology Tools", available in including Distometer, "Toric Lens Calculation with Over-Refraction", "Corneal Astigmatism", "Prisms!" and "Radio-Diopter Converter".- Converts glasses or phoropter refraction in diopters, to contact lenses.- Adjustable vertex distance (default is 12mm)- Result without rounding for a precise distometer in all range.- Spherical Equivalent- New sliders controls - user friendly :)
App designed for use in ophthalmic/optometric practice only. If you are a patient, ask your eye care professional.
Distometer calculation according to formula:CL power = Spectacle power / 1- (spectacle power x vertex distance))